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Our workshops are tailored to the specificities of each event. We take into consideration the space, duration, and number of participants, curating a unique structure for each course. For more information regarding prices and policies, please contact us at:

The Self: Performativity & Transformation


How does a performer affect their surroundings?

How can we practice the consciousness of what we do in order to share what we want? This workshop cultivates presence, body awareness, and direction of focus and energy. Through this work, we explore our individual movement language and the ability to transform and be transformed by our movement choices. 


The Idea: Devising & Storytelling


How can we tell a story through our movement? What methods and structures can we use and create, in order to compose a piece? From chaos to creation, we discover unique paths of finding how to make something from nothing!

The group: Creating Ensemble    

Collaborating, attuning, communicating bodies and energies; transmit and shift spaces and 

people. There is a strong dynamic in creative groups. Creating ensemble is a practical workshop exploring the evolution of connections and the organic birth of a shared language.

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