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Inspired by scientific theories of motion, Mark explores connection through interactions of bodies. A hybrid dance choreography about individual and collective power and the possibilities that arise from each action small or large. Our choices leave marks, setting whole series of actions into motion.

With a core structure of three dancers, Mark creates a world that will be shared by the main cast, local performers, and audiences. We explore the power of connection, the limitations that we bring to ourselves and the solutions that we can find together. 

How do we uplift or oppress each other through our actions? What kind of Mark do we want to leave behind?

If you like to be a part of this project and LEAVE YOUR MARK, you can make a tax-deductible donation here:

Choreography: Marianna Varviani

Performance/ co-creation:

Main Collaborators & Rehearsal Directors: Tyler Law, Maya Peterson

Movement Collaborator: Kai Toles

Performers: Anna Simonova, Ariana Chavez, McKenzie Barkdull, Sophia Fan Lin

Original music composition: Yvonne  Yifeng Yuan

Set design: Berfin Ataman

Assistant Producer: Vivi Le

Graphic Artist: Ainsleigh Douglas

Produced by: Selcouth 

Co-Produced by: Culture Flow, Highways Performance Space

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