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Marianna Varviani

Marianna Varviani is a Greek dance-theater artist. She has worked internationally in Greece, the UK, Spain, Brazil, and the USA as a choreographer, dance theater performer, movement director, and educator.


Marianna has a B.A. in Contemporary Theatre from E15/ University of Essex and an M.F.A. in Dance from UCLA. She is a member of the Krump Demolition Crew 100/ DCX, since 2021,

In 2016 Marianna found Selcouth, creating the works: 'Vortex' which was performed at the'Arc for Dance Festival', 'European Dance Network', and Festival of Rematia 'Our Festival'.  'Ahtikos_ a dance for liberation' as part of 'Prime Movers' for the 'Arc for dance festival'. 'Phoenix_ rising from the Ashes' at UCLA Kaufman Hall.  ‘Untwine’ for the San Pedro Festival of the Arts/USA, ‘Co’ for ‘Ebb and Flow Festival’ produced by ‘Heidi Duckler Dance’, and ‘Are you with me?’ after the Culture Flow residency at Piyoda Flow. Her award-winning collection of short dance films 'Time to Dream', has toured internationally to 20 film festivals. The project ‘Art Truck LA’ premiered at The Other Art Fair in 2023 in Los Angeles. 'Mark' was performed at Highways Performance Space. 

She has also directed ‘Super Sweet Pergamond’ for ‘Ha! Theater Ensemble’, ‘Grey Zone’, and ‘The Isle of Oturia’ as a guest director at E15.

She has performed in projects by Salia Sanou, Friidom, Ghislain Grellier, Stella Spyrou, Ohi Paizoume, Brian Astbury, Uri Roodner, Ken Cambel, Ian Morgan, Tobby Clarke, Murto Delimichali, ‘Ohi Paizoume’, Kelly Sarri, Karina Lopez, Erin Cooney,’Patari Project’ and others.

She was the co-founder of ‘Ha! Theatre Ensemble’ where she has co-produced, devised, and performed at: ‘Star-trip’, ’The age of the Woodcock', ‘Colorful Water’ and ‘Super Sweet Pergamond’.

Marianna has been teaching dance and theater since 2008 in Brazil (Theatre of the Oppressed, RJ), UK (E15/ University of Essex), Greece (Kinitiras studio, Belleville, Lotofagoi/Ministry of Culture, Studio Trajectory), and the USA (UCLA, Heidi Duckler Dance, Motive Brooklyn, Piyoda Flow, Young Choreographers Project).

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