Art Truck LA


During these challenging times, we wanted to focus on the empowering sense of belonging! Experiencing something together can create connections and increase the feeling of togetherness despite any challenges. Underlying the sense of community can increase the moral and positive approach to things and life. We hope that this platform

 could act as a community-binding experience, bringing people together in a safe and social distanced way.

We wish to support exchanges between Artists and communities; entertain and share our work, knowledge, and passion for the performing arts. In the same time, we hope to support local artist by sharing their works with the public, live!


The Art Truck is a mobile platform on top of a flatbed truck. It is going to host dance, theater, music performances, and workshops!


Each event is going to be free of charge, for the audience!

We hope to raise our budget through grants and donations.


If you are interested in participating as an artist/ artistic group, or

If you would like to suggest an area that the ART TRUCK LA could visit,

please reach out to us at:


If you would like to support this project please contact us at:


We hope to see you soon!





The Collaborating Artists



Friidom graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas with a degree in Arts and Technology, coupled with his degree; he has pioneered a  movement & philosophy known as Epiic; performed often with cinematic scores and soundscapes. Upon graduating, he took Epiic and his creative mindset to Los Angeles, CA. With a 10-years combined experience in front and behind the camera, stage events, live concerts, artists, and more. Friidom's work is on it's way to revolutionizing the world of movement, visual arts, and entertainment.



Erini, grew up in Greece, where she got into music by taking piano classes. She has been writing music and performing ever since. She has performed rock and pop concerts at local bars, jamming soul and funk tunes at friends' houses, and has been singing jazz and blues at restaurants around the city.  Every single one of these experiences has helped her with her songwriting,  her lyrics, and melodies. 

Eirini and her band are going to be sharing original songs on their live concert. Their sound is feel-good music with a lot of colors and flowers! It's a combination of organic raw sound with a modern twist. It is like Joss Stone meets, Lawerence the Band, meets Vulfpeck. She hopes to inspire people in loving themselves and mother nature!


Cozē & Lotus 

Elizabeth ''Cozē''  Styles originating from Georgia has always had a passion for dancing. Like all great artists; she began by simply watching YouTube and picking up trending dances. The enjoyable hobby soon turned into a passion for studying styles such as Waving,  Tutting, Krump, Isolation, and House.

Cozē’s studies have lead her to great opportunities in music videos, live performances, and teaching workshops. Her talents don’t stop there; within the last year, she has launched her photography and videography brand  CozēClips.

Alexamarie  “Lotus” Alerte, was born and raised in NYC. She began her dance career at an early age. Studying ballet since the age of 2 she has managed to study at some of the most prestigious schools such as Dance Theatre of Harlem,  Alvin Ailey, & Broadway Dance Center.   Her foundation in ballet has been the gateway to exploring all other styles such as  Contemporary  Modern, Street Jazz, Tap, Krump and so many more.

During her dance career, she has shown up in Music Videos, Festivals, Parades,  Live Shows, and Commercials while spreading her joy teaching both youth and adults alike. In her more recent career, she has geared her focus to fitness and body alignment while continue to push her dance movement.

Cozē & Lotus will be sharing an original duet choreography that they have composed during the last months of quarantine. 


DCX / Demolition Crew 100


A tight neck group of individuals brought together to demolish all obstacles in their way.


Kelly Sarri

Kelly Sarri is an unconventional filmmaker, director, and editor based in Los Angeles, California with a helicopter view and a mission to convey meaningful stories through captivating visual and original aesthetic.

Kelly Sarri aka Curly Apricot Productions will oversee the video production of Art Truck LA.


Sam Young

Sam is a Los Angeles-based composer, percussionist, and educator.  He is interested in soundscapes and music of place, themes that are often depicted in his music. Recent projects include music for dance (Phoenix, a performance by Selcouth), and for animated films by Katherine  Roche and Lourdes Stephanie Mercado. Before he began composing, he enjoyed a career as a professional drummer, performing and recording with national touring bands Devotchka and The Samples.

We are gratefull for the generous support for Art Track LA provided by:

Dafni Leon, Anastasis Papathan, Filippos Tsapekis, Elena Liakou, Mara Labiri, Madeline Nobida, Sophia P. Alexiou, Jon Burnett, Kiriaki Mpouraki, Nadi Glou, Jade Chen, Alim Sultangazin, Ellidora Stamati, Annelise Broussard, Danny Deza, Wilfried Souly, Natasha Panayotopoulou, Katerina Varvia, Mari in the Sky, Perry Chen, Alex B, Xristina Varvia, Zeynep Abes, Vinu Ilangovan, Tula B. Strong, Constantine Varvias, Joy Heller, Eyüphan Koç, Little rocks, Marisa Antonopoulou, Giannis Chouliaras, Wolf, Kiriaki Mpouraki, Petros Antoniadis, Julie Gaynes, Anastasios Papathanasopoulos, Jill Franklin, The Creative Fund by BackerKit, Stelios Andrew Stavroulakis, Akash Deep Singh, Sam Young, Kelly Sarri