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A dance duet focusing on the importance of coexistence, and the ever-evolving process of life through growth, overcoming, and reconstructing. A site-specific piece inspired by the wisdom of nature and the importance of harmonious coexistence. How can we communicate, nurture and grow together?

Inspired by the Baldwin Hills the two dancers build their relationship, dynamics, and actions in accordance to their surroundings ‘Co’ aims to inspire its spectators to reimagine their present in relation to nature, and set forth in manifesting futures that are rooted in understanding and care.

Choreography: Marianna Varviani

Performance/ co-creation: Tyler Law, Maya Peterson

Original music composition: Andreas Foivos Apostolou

Produced by Selcouth & Heidi Duckler Dance

Performed as part of the Ebb & Flow Festival 2022 at the Baldwin Hills, Los Angeles

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