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About Selcouth

Taking after its name, Selcouth dance theater company, aims to curate unique artistic experiences.  We create projects to invoke, empower, and inspire the people around us. 

Our mission is to shed light to the space in between our knowing and unknowing ways of being. To help us un-learn; movements, beliefs, ways, perspectives that we didn’t consciously choose, and to recognize the limits that we might have unwillingly accepted, internalized, and embodied. 

We believe that art can change the world!

We share works that help immerse ourselves to freedom, and its unlimited possibilities. To discover joy and the inherent capacity to select and shape whatever we desire, whether it’s creating a moment, an idea, or a dance!


Our core ideals revolve around understanding, appreciation, respect, and liberation. 

We share high-quality performances, educational programs, and interactive art experiences, based on contemporary issues. Through our projects, we hope to bridge concert, street, commercial and academic cultures. We invite audiences of all backgrounds, ages, and interests. 

Selcouth was founded by Artistic Director,

Marianna Varviani in 2016.


"I am interested in facilitating communal experiences and interactions, by creating works that are connected to the people and time around me. Through collaboration, devising, and storytelling I work to bring to life, dance theater, and film projects. I work with an amalgam of elements, inspired by everyday gestures, traditional forms as well as contemporary movement expressions; in order to create a hybrid artistic language."   


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