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_rising from the ashes


Based on the Greek myth, Phoenix explores the stages of birth, flow, struggle, destruction, and rebirth as a circular pattern. An investigation of the shifts in between individual and communal journeys and dynamics.


Choreographer: Marianna Varviani

Composer: Sam Young

Creative collaborators: Tyler Law, Sophia Poe, Gurmukhi Bevli, Jade Chen, Yingru Huang, Mary Sweetnam, Jessica Warshal

Performers: Gurmukhi Bevli, Cheyenne Dixon, Hannah Ferguson, Tyler Law, Sophie Poe, Marianna Varviani, Alexandra Wood, Tanya Xu

Technical Director: Arsenio Apillanes

Production Manager: Ginger Holguin

Graphics: Qiang John Wand

Costume assistance: Sofia Alexiou

Video direction & Photography: Madeline Nobida, Will O'Loyghlen, Sofia Alexiou, Qianzi Gao, Lynn Tatum, Arsenio Apillanes


Phoenix has been performed at:

Glorya Kaufman Theatre 2020/ Los Angeles -USA

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